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Our dedicated Events company is solely dedicated to Events & Activities based in and around Brighton & Sussex. Click here for more information.

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Brighton What's On Guide

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What's on in Brighton What's on in Brighton What's on at the New Steine Hotel in Brighton What's on in Brighton What's on at the New Steine Hotel in Brighton What's on at the New Steine Hotel in Brighton

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Brighton Events during 2015

Here you can find a list of events happening over the next few months.

Summer 2015:
What's On in Brighton

May 2015

Brighton festival and Fringe happens every year during May.
Check out the line-ups here;

1st May

The Lady Boys of Bangkok : Beauties and the Beats (at Sabai Pavilion)

Looking to have a fun evening full of laughter and frantic fun? With their comedy cabaret sensation Ďthe Lady boys of Bangkokí propose the biggest party in the town. Itís a wonderful show, something you probably have never seen before. And why not make a night of it and stay at the Gulliverís Hotel?

Copperdollar Club Night (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

This evening promises to be full of excitement with an irresistible mix of latin, fun and ska! With the Gulliverís only a few minutesí walk away, enjoy a restful night in one of our rooms.

2nd May

Gauge (at the Circus Street Market)

Ė Sat 2 to Sun 24 May

Are you conscious of the impact you have on the environment? At the Street Market, a playground of investigation into weather, water and scale will be held. Donít miss the occasion to know more about these phenomena and the impact we have on them. To enjoy a wonderful weekend, why donít come stay at the Gulliverís Hotel?

The Odditorium (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Are you fascinated by the strange, such as death rituals, ghost villages, Britainís oldest road and occultism? Join Dr Bramwell to debate about these topics. And donít hesitate to continue the debate in our establishment over a drink or two in the New Steine Bistro.

3rd May

AgnŤs Varda (at Duke of Yorkís Picturehouse)

Heard of AgnŤs Varda? She is a legendary French filmmaker. Through extracts of her films, gallery installations, plus a very special personal appearance, you will explore her screen career. She rarely comes to the UK so donít miss the occasion to meet and discuss with her. Appreciate a good Sunday by visiting Brighton and reserving a room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Bent Double (at Komedia - Main Space)

This gay-friendly night promises to Ďbend youí in double with laughter. Donít hesitate, and reserve your room in our Gay friendly hotel the Gulliverís.

4th May

The Apple Family Plays (at 109 St Church in Brighton)

Congratulated by the New York Times as Ďone of the great accomplishments in American theatre to date this centuryí, these four-play cycles explore politics, change and family dynamics. Donít forget to check in one of our rooms at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Goldifox (at Komedia Studio)

This is a great family show; the storyteller is disturbed by a naughty puppet who wants to be part of the show. Your children will be invited to take part in the story, making them part of the story. Why not try our one of Gulliverís family rooms?

5th May

The Spalding Suite

Is basketball your favorite sport? Or you always wanted to become a professional basketball player but life has decided otherwise? These six dynamic performers mix the sport with live beat-boxing, hip-hop, music, moves and poetry. For more facilities, reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Two Choirs: Two styles (at St Nicholas Church)

Do you like choir music? Music is your passion and it enables you to escape the routine. Two choirs will sing together through acapella and chamber choir. A definite performance not to be missed. After having a delightful evening, why donít you come back and relax in one of our rooms?

6th May

John Aubrey: My Own Life (at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

During his brief life, John Aubrey met Christopher Wren, Isaac Newton and Thomas Hobbes. Thanks to the gained experience, Mister Aubrey redefined the art of biography. In a conversation with the author and critic Erica Wagner, she discusses her book and the life of one of the pioneers of modern writing. Why not making a break during your week by staying at the Gulliverís Hotel?

New Act Night (at Komedia - Main Space)

Have you seen the previous selection of Jill Edwards at the Brightonís Komedia? If not, donít worry. He is coming back with new artists for even more surprises. Perfect to enjoy with your loved one. And book a surprising stay for your loved one at the Gulliverís hotel.

7th May

Jeanette Winterson Boldness in the Face of a Blank Page

On May 7th, we are delighted to welcome Jeanette Winterson OBE to talk about the practices and craft of writing. ĎOranges are Not the Only Fruití, ĎThe Passioní and ĎWritten on the Bodyí are three examples of her novels. Donít miss this meeting and reserve one of our rooms at the Gulliverís Hotel.

The Tinker Box (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

If you are passionate about poetry and you want to relax, you will enjoy this moment of sweetness. And continue that feeling during your stay in our establishment, the Gulliverís Hotel. Book now!

8th May

Luciaís Chapters of Coming Forth by Day (at the Theatre Royal Brighton)

This dedicated event to Lucia Joyceís life will surprise you. Through the incarnation of the actress, you will enter in the Luciaís life: where did she grow up, what was her environment during the adolescence and her admission at the mental hospital. Let yourself go through Luciaís life of the award winning actress. Donít forget to reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

The Iron Boot Scrapers Edwardian Cabaret with Professor Elemental (at Brighton Coalition)

Do you like eclectic shows? With soap-boxing rap from the eloquent Professor Elemental, and sensual burlesque, you will be charmed by this show. After so much eccentricity, come to rest in one of our rooms.

Mat Ricardo: Showman ( at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Mat Ricardo is at the top of his game: British cabaret revival with genuine and elegance. As him, our services will amaze you! Call us to receive more information about our offers.

9th May

Geminus (at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

Do you have kids aged 3-5?They will be fascinated by the musically stimulating show proposed by Geminus. On the menu: gestures and sounds combine to attractive and intriguing effect. Do you know that we offer special family rooms at the Gulliverís Hotel?

Bourgeois & Maurice (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Bourgeois & Maurice present you a special General Election- themed show, written just following the results. Come out before the show and have a drink at the New Steine Bistro & Hotel.

Classical Spectacular (at St Bartholomew's Church)

If you like classical concerts and Vivaldi especially, donít miss this unique representation in the wonderful setting of St Bartholomewís Church. Itís worth the trip. To finish off the evening, come and relax in one of our rooms at Gulliverís hotel.

10th May

Professor Roderick Kedward & Caroline Moorhead ĖResistance (at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

Have you read the book ĎResistance in Vicky Franceí written by Caroline Moorhead? The book is based on a series of interviews recorded with ordinary men and women from the Resistance. This book was the starting point for a new Centre for Global Resistance Studies at Sussex University. Donít miss the occasion to meet both Professor of modern History at Sussex University and author of Algeria: Franceís Undeclared War (2012)

at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre. For more facilities, book a room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Le Foulard (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

If you like something different, this show is made for you. You will be amazed at how emotions can be given through a simple scarf. Donít forget to book NOW your room at the Gulliverís hotel.

Camille Oí Sullivan ( at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Her five dramatic interpretations are just astonishing and her talent is recognized worldwide. Donít miss this rising star. To take full advantages of this evening, reserve your stay in the Gulliverís hotel.

11th May

Dreams of a Life (at Dukeís Komedia)

In 2003, North London, Joyce Carol Vincent died in her bedsit above a shopping center. After three years, her body was discovered! But no one remarked her death and media offer few details of her life without any photograph. Carol Morley has made a documentary about Joyceís life and urban living in order to understand how death in this way could not be noticed by everybodyÖ After, you will have the occasion to discuss with the writer. Book your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

The Girl Who Cannot Die (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

If you like the story of Snow White and the tragedy? This spectacle mixes the two. Donít dither, book your room at our hotel and reserve your ticket. It is the perfect combination to spend a splendid evening in Brighton.

12th May

Britten Sinfonia (at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall)

For people who love classical music and especially the finesse of Mozart and Stravinsky, I propose to attend the performance of Barbara Hannigan. She is one of the worldís most revered interpreters of contemporary music with musical references: Baroque and Classical repertory. At a few minutesí walk away, enjoy your stay at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Brighton Film Quartet (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Do you want to surprise your partner? Reserve your tickets for heart-stoppingly beautiful music played by four top musicians. And reserve one of our romantic rooms. Your partner will never forget this Sunday.

13th May

Rachel Holmes on Eleanor Marx (at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

Rachel Holmes wrote an extraordinary biography of Eleanor Marx - daughter of Karl - who was a visionary, firebrand and transformative force in the 19th century politics. But do you know her very well? Normally, you should have heard about her. She is the first one who translated ĎMadame Bovaryí into English, and the first woman to lead the dock and gas workersí trades unions. Come at the Brighton Dome to meet Miss Holmes. She will speak about the exceptional Eleanor Marx and the experience of retelling a story that was a political upheaval. The meeting promises to be very rewarding. And reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

David Hoyle (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Donít miss the UNIQUE representation of the legendary anti-drag queen David Hoyle. Expect polemic, pathos and high comedy. After that, you could spend a restful night in one of our rooms.

14th May

The Great Escape Festival 2015

The Great Escape, Europeís leading festival for new music, release Super Early Bird Festival Tickets for the 2015 event, which will take place in 30+ venues in Brighton & Hove from 14th -16th May 2015. The tenth edition of the festival will once again introduce a cutting edge line up of up and coming artists from all over the world as well as some returning artists from the festivals previous line ups to help celebrate the landmark birthday event. Check out the beautiful rooms we offer at the Gulliverís hotel and book yours!

Gillian Beer - Are you animal or vegetable or mineral? (at the Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

Do you know the link that exists between Darwin and Lewis Carroll? Itís during the 19th century that Darwin evoked the theory of the natural selection. In Carrollís Alice books, the creatures are as puzzled by Alice as she is by them. Very often, she is asked not just who she is but what she isÖ Meet us at the Brighton Dome Studio to see this exhibition. And donít hesitate to go and have a meal at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Caspar Thomas Magic &Mentalism (at The Old Courtroom)

Just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! Caspar does impressive magic tricks with only his hands. You really need to see him. Adversely to Caspar Thomas, our tricks are simple. Come to the Gulliverís Hotel and discover them.

15th May

The Beautiful Cosmos of Ivor Cutler (at the Theatre Royal Brighton)

Whether you are a fan or you are reading Ivor Cutler for the first time, you are invited to enter in the Cutlerís life from birth, through boyhood, to old age and death. He is such an interesting man. There are so many things that he has doneÖ and you donít suspect him. A few minutesí walkaway, reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Stories About Love, Death & Rabbit

Charles Adrian has won an award for his solo character piece. He evokes so well the life of librarian Ms Samantha, that you risk to shed a tear. To recover from all your emotions, come to the Gulliverís hotel.

16th May

Water Matters (at the Circus Street Market)

Ė Sat 16 & Sun 17 Saving the environment is something so important for you that you want to make your children aware to water matters? Come and take part in various family activities. Reserve your stay at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Swingerella's Wreckling Ball World Tour 2015 (at the Old Courtroom)

Only a few minutesí walk from the New Steine Hotel, Swingerella and friends present their burlesque show based on Cinderella Story.

Around the World in 8ish Routines (at Prince Regent Swimming Pool)

If you like the grace, that you are sensitive to synchronized swimming, you will love the performance of Philomena Fogg. With the Maracatu Cruzeiro Do Sul Dance Troupe, they will present you with a beautiful spectacle. Donít hesitate to book your room at Gulliverís hotel.

17th May

Masha Gessen introduced by Ali Smith

Russian-American journalist, author and activist Masha Gessen is famous worldwide for her outspoken opposition to Russiaís President Vladimir Putin. According to her, she was, at one stage, the only publicly gay person in the whole Russia. Donít miss this encounter with a fervent defender of freedom of speech. And book now your room at the gay friendly hotel, the Gulliverís.

Same Sky Benefit (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

If you come from Brighton or beyond, you are very welcomed to the Parade. To enjoy all these events offered during the Brighton Fringe Festival, book a room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

18th May

Freeze! From Nick Steur (at Friends Meeting House)

Would you like to see an astonishing performance? Go to the Friends Meeting House. This young Belgian man, doubly rewarded, creates spectacular sculptures without glue or cement just before your eyes. Bring your own stone and give it to him. He will surprise you! To start the week on a good note, why not sleep at the Gulliverís Hotel?

Lost in Transit (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

The award winning, ĎLost in Transití comes back with a totally new twist. Donít miss this occasion because the former show ĎSensational piece of cabaret theatreí was sold-out. So book your ticket in advance and donít forget to reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

19th May

Nina Conti (at Theatre Royal)

Using a bereaved puppet, Nina speaks about herself and her lost love in a very poignant, original and often hilarious way. She made a docu-mockumentary of that, called ĎHer Masterís Voiceí. In 2013, she won the British Comedy Award for Best Female, which confirms her talent. Donít miss her spectacle. Itís not very often that we could see a so good ventriloquist. And for even more facilities, book in advance a room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Sex in Shorts (at The Rialto Theatre)

Love is something very strangeÖ You can be very happy and sorrowful at the same time. Five shorts plays explore the sweet sorrow of love. Donít forget, we have special rooms to couples.

20th May

Read YíSelf Fitter (at Brighton Dome Studio Theatre)

Do you read for your own or look to learn more Ö There are lots of reasons why you read a book. But most of them are wrong. Andy Miller is the author of ĎThe Year of Reading Dangerouslyí in which he reads 50 of the greatest and famous books in the world. Through 10-step programme, Mister Miller will cure you of your bad reading habits. Whether you are a confirmed reader or not, come to see him. Donít miss the occasion and reserve your room at Gulliverís Hotel.

CeydaTanc Dance (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

If dancing is your passion and you are intrigued by Turkish culture? CeydaTanc dance presents you three different programs which mix cutting edge, dynamic contemporary dance and traditional Turkish folk dance heritage. Situated a few minutes away from the Gulliverís hotel, book one of our rooms.

21st May

How We Used To Work (at Brighton Dome Concert Hall)

In 2014, London was ranked the most visited city in the world, just ahead of Bangkok and Paris. Director Paul Kelly, Saint Etienneís Pete Wiggs and Bob Stanley collected and used colour footage from the 1950s to the turn of 1980s to show how London constantly changes: its night life and fashion shows, traffic jams and housing issuesÖ Why not take a break in your week and enjoying this film? Reserve your room at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Duo Sabil and Mohamed Najem (at Brighthelm Church & Community Centre)

Do you like traditional and contemporary Arabic music? This duo, Ahmad Al Khatib and Youssef Hbeisch, are masters in their art. Furthermore, by buying a ticket, you will help children from the Gaza Music School. For more facilities, you can also book a room in our New Steine hotel.

22nd May

A tribute to Sarah Vaughan - Carleen Anderson (at Theatre Royal Brighton)

If you like jazz music, you canít miss Carleen Andersonís show. Although young, she has already worked with the biggest musicians. Born in Texas, she grew up in a brilliant musical family. Vicky Anderson is her mother, her step-father Bobby Byrd and her godfather James Brown. A few years after a concert that brought her to London, she collaborated with everybody from Courtney Pine to Paul Weller. It promises to be an unforgettable evening of finest vocal jazz. Situated a few minutesí walk away, Gulliverís Hotel propose you to have a rest in one of our sea views rooms.

Scottish Falsetto Socks: Minging Detectives (at atKomedia Studio)

Your kids will love this play. It is the earthís funnies socks tackle crime from Nordic Noir to Sherlock. Two special detectives want to prevent crimes. Then, a few minutesí walk away, you will enjoy our family rooms.

23rd May

The Hallť (at the Brighton Dome Concert Hall)

Do you want to pass an evening of pure sweetness by listening to a romantic concert? Go and listen to Hallťwhich who are one of the finest orchestras in the country. Lead by Sir Mark Elder, who is also President of the Brighton Festival Chorus, the concert will bring you from transcendent power to gentle lyricism. Itís a perfect outing to enjoy a pleasure moment with your partner. And donít forget, we offer lovely rooms for couples at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Elixir (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Are you looking for an outing with your children? You have found it. This trick played by three acrobatic and enthusiastic Scientists will make you laugh and smile. They present you a unique mix of Mayhem and incredible circus tricks with comic timing. Why donít you stay in one of our family rooms as well?

24th May

Fleeting (at Brighton beach between the piers)

Ever observed a murmuration of starlings over the West Pier? West Pier was gradually being recaptured by the sea; itís an excellent expression of the impermanence of our world. Have you already seen creations of Fleeting? Wakehurst Place, Wilderness Festival, the Royal Botanic Gardensare some places where you might have seen them. Fleeting are punctuated installations which are created by artists to create unexpected visual experience inspired by the natural world. Itís a very interesting reflection about the force of the nature. And donít miss out on a great rate at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Curioddity (Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Do you want to take part in Mr Hicksí funny world? Death defying Frank the dog, acrobatic elephants, contraptions and vindictiveness Ö your children will love him. Donít forget that we offer family rooms at the Gulliverís hotel.

25th May

IDA Barr Bingo (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

If you donít know Ida Barr, discover her own brand of artificial hip-hop with your family at the Brighton Spiegeltent. Then, enjoy our special family rooms.

26th May

Les femmes Circus (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Are you looking for a show full of grace, lightness and poetry? You will be astonished how easily these women swing in the air without safety net. Reserve your room at the Gulliverís hotel.

27th May

BARB JUNGR: This Wheel's on fire (at Komedia - Main Space)

Barb Jungr is a famous singer which had a hugely acclaimed last album ĎHard Rainí. She comes back for a unique representation with ĎThis Wheelís On Fire!í Donít miss the occasion and come to our hotel to spend a relaxing night.

28th May

Showtime with Cabaret Boheme (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Do you want to spend a memorable evening? With Miss Blacklace and her troupe of performers, you will be thrilled. And donít miss our special offers at the Gulliverís Hotel.

Tina C: Her Story

Do you know Tina C? If, not. Donít worry. After this evening, you will know everything about her career. And donít hesitate to come and visit the Gulliverís Hotel.

29th May

Crimplene Millionaire (at Brighton Spiegeltent: Bosco)

Are you a fan of the 70s? With Derek & Bev, you will relive this period again! Roll the dice and challenge in the 1970s board game. Very nice, isnít it? Looking for a hotel nearby the event? Why not book a room at the Gulliverís Hotel?

The Dance Trail (The Level Skatepark)

Are you a contemporary dancer or you just like seeing people dancing? See the dance trail. You can find them in various places though-out Brighton. Enjoy your stay by checking in at the Gulliverís Hotel for a wonderful room!

30th May

A night InÖ Double-Oh Heaven (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

Do you want to partake in a glitter and glamour evening? Come and see bond girl burlesque. You will come back shaken up and amused. If you wish to book your accommodation, come and reserve your room at the New Steine Hotel!

31st May

The Last Hurrah (at Brighton Spiegeltent)

To finish the festival on a high note, come and celebrate with Lost in Transit, Elixir and others friends from the Spiegeltent and around town. To enjoy this beautiful evening, book a room at the Gulliverís hotel!

Festival of the Spoken Nerd vs Go 8-Bit! (at The Old Market)

Two geek/comedy shows for the price of one, donít miss this offer!If you book directly one of our rooms, we offer you 5% discount.

See our events listings on at sister hotel's web site - The New Steine Hotel, here.

Enjoy Brighton, enjoy life!